​Those who already have some experience with sailing, already know that sailing can offer a lot of usable skills for the day to day operations. Examples are working together, teambuilding, build trust, etc. On top of those skills you also learn how to deal with the unexpected and develop your tactical and technical knowledge. We are convinced sailing is a great place for leisure, meet, learn and share knowledge while enjoying nature.

Imagine you being on the water the wind whistling through the rigging, the water lapping at the boat and for the rest complete silence! What a way to clear your head!


ASCN helps to accomplish all of the above by organizing events that contain all aspects of sailing with the technical insights as common grounds with ASML. This is executed by organizing sailing events; practical (CWO training) and theoretical (auditorium lectures), in-shore (Loosdrechtse plassen) and off-shore(Woolverstone), visiting exhibitions (BOOT Dusseldorf) and participate in races (Vlissingen – Blankenberge).


ASCN is for people working at ASML who are interested in sailing. No specific sailing background is required; both experienced or non-experienced persons are welcome. No specific type of sailing is required either; open boat or yacht, inshore or offshore, tour or competitive, everybody is welcome​!


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  • ​​You can participate in ASCN member-only events
  • Discount for ASCN events
  • You will become a member of the ASML sailing community where you have short communication lines to other sailors which enables you to share the passion and ask questions to like-minded people.
  • You will meet other ASML sailors all across ASML from different departments which gives you an opportunity to learn more about ASML.
  • An infrastructure which supports you in organizing sailing events, e.g. a communication platform, announcement on ASML TV screens, payment processing.
  • You get a reduction for CWO sailing classes at Sailcenter Limburg
  • You get a reduction for open boat rental at Sailcenter Limburg
  • You are eligible to buy an ASML-branded sailing softshell jacket [Please note that ASML sponsoring model changed and jacket is not for free anymore]
  • Reduced price in sailing equipment shops
  • You will receive a sailing flag (vaantje) as boat owner