Stefan Kruijswijk is Program Development Manager at ASML BL-applications and Navigator of the “Splashtest”.

Stefan is sailing boats over the past 45 years. The last 15 years he is fully dedicated to racing.

With the Splashtest he is racing in Drimmelen. The main events he is sailing are the winterseries from October to March, and the springseries from April to May.

The Splashtest is a Cork1720 which is a Sportsboat similar to Maxfun and Melges. The Cork1720 is a real racer with no cabin and is sailed with a crew of 4. Stefan sails the Splashtest with a dedicated crew of specialists: a Helmsman, A Mains-trimmer, A Genoa/Gennaker-trimmer and himself as Navigator/Pit-guy.

The 1st part of this talk will explain the rules of racing that apply to any sailing-race. The talk is aimed to introduce cruiser-sailors to the rules of racing such that they can start joining races. The talk is also aimed at casual racers to refresh their rule-knowledge. Some riddles are included as practical example of applying the theory in practice.

The 2nd part of the talk will be an introduction on Tactics. This will include Starting-tactics, On-course-tactics, Boatspeed-targets and Boat-handling-targets. Some movie-clips are presented to show how things are in reality.

Sailing Rules and Tactics