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Regatta Vlissingen-Blankenberge

The yearly Flussing Blankenberge regatta is a friendly race in 2 categories.

Roughly 35 yachts take part in this race, all gathering in the inner harbor of Vlissingen, marina “De Schelde” . Here debriefing (palaver) is held on Saturday morning. Hereafter all yachts gather in the sea-lock for the opening to the Westerschelde.

Each category starts and sails according to the predefined trajectory (“baan”) to the finish.
It is particularly challenging and exciting to deal with prevailing tidal currents, sea ships and Zeebrugge sea-port to pass. It is a coastal trip.

The Belgium rating (handicap) system is used to determine the final results.

More information can be found with the regatta organization Oostwatering shipyard in Veere, more on

When/How Long?


  • Leaving from home ports
  • 17:00 Registration in Flussing
  • Saturday

  • 08:00 Palaver
  • 10:00 Start
  • 15:00 Finish in Blankenberge
  • 16:00 Drink on marina shore
  • 17:30 Gathering in Pub for the results
  • Sunday

  • Return to home ports
  • Who?

    For members with basic sea experience who like beer and whiskey.


    Belgium coast, from Flussing to Blankenberge

    How Much?

    Bunk-fee 2 nights 30 Euro, plus fuel, food on board and port fees for 2 days. Excluded food onshore.

    60 Euro each

    Expenses are shared by each boat participant individually.


    Please submit your Registration here. You will be contacted in due course for detailed information.